Physical Release

April 24, 2012

PRAYERS find light in Physical Release debut vinyl release

PRAYERS, the first release from Moomaw/Gravid Wives collaboration Physical Release, balances moments of brutality with an earnest pursuit of beauty, moving from washes of noise and bass heavy rhythms in to dense lyricism and hidden hooks. Born from a cold winter tour of the States in 2010, the album is the result of six weeks re-imagining old songs and discovering new ones during performances that relied largely on improvisation, followed by another six weeks holed up in a friend’s loft in Los Angeles writing and recording. Much of the music on this record began as long explorations of new equipment and sounds while Jackson and Dobbratz learned to play and write together. From these pieces songs developed through a process of reverse- engineering and editing, in a sculptural process that, while essentially still pop, proved to be a liberating shift from more traditional linear composition and form.

Download (or just Listen to) the album now from Gazebo Music by clicking on the beautiful cover, artwork by the likes and loves of Jeff Stratford:

You can also download the album through iTunes or Amazon if you wish, or PICK UP A PHYSICAL COPY, currently at the following record stores:
Origami Vinyl (Echo Park, LA)
Vacation Vinyl (Silverlake, LA)
Mono Records (Echo Park, LA)
Amoeba Records (San Francisco)

And to celebrate this, MOOMAW will be DJing alongside PDA and performance by DIVA and artworks by ALIA PENNER and FUTURE EYES and all kinds of lovey jazz @ FEVER!

Tuesday April 24, 9:30pm
Los Globos (3040 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026)
Future Eyes
Alia Penner

January 23, 2012

Magical Spring to Physical Release LP and tour

Physical Release, last touches on “Prayers” before it goes to pressing.  Soon to come, June European tour with LP in hand!

May 6, 2011

A trumpeting whale skin what we should do tonight

Relax, it’s only a memory of a moment by the time you realize what it was. You may only see her once or she may be imprinted on the inside of your eyes. But there it is, the next digital single from PHYSICAL RELEASE. Excitement. Wahl Ballads b/w Let’s Do Something Wicked. An ocean and 2 land-masses between Moomaw and Hans and here lies another product in the digital ether. Listen to these as you put your makeup on. Friday night. Sex. Let’s Do Something Wicked. let’s do something wicked. let’s do something wicked. Let’s do something wicked. Tonight.–g

March 16, 2011

Big Beats, Fucked Guitars, Sloppy Synths, and Dirty Voices

First single from Dobbratz and Moomaw’s PHYSICAL RELEASE. An entry point in to the coming full length. Giving them out in bite sizes in the hopes that a full listen will be given. Recorded at the Cat Chapel in Edendale, Los Angeles during the first of this year, these songs display the more concise rock side of a record that drifts off in to ambience, noise, folk , and disco.  A cautionary tale and a capitulation. This music requires patience and attention, imagination, and compassion. More to come soon. With love, PR

February 5, 2011

Here I Am: new digi=single up

Ah, word. It’s a new site, far out. Well, here I am. Showing up some Physical Release. Dig the new single, to the right, back with a 14+ minute chant on the R-side. I done dare ya to peep tha whole thing and just melt with me baby, melt with me.

Physical Release
Wahl Ballads (single)

Side F Wahl Ballads:

Be Aware

Side R Let's Do Something Wicked:

Let's Do Something Wicked

Physical Release
Be Aware (single)

Side F Be Aware:

Be Aware

Side R Here I Am:

Here I Am

Physical Release
Here I Am (digi-single)

Side F Here I Am (Bad Knee Mix):

Here I Am (Bad Knee Mix)

Side R In The Darkness Of The Night:

In The Darkness Of The Night

Physical Release
Soft Openings (digi-single)

Side A Leaving Song (Wicked Mix):

Leaving Song (Wicked Mix)

Side B WhaleBallads:


Unocerous Dub


Done Gone Rusty